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Mound Magic's Facility

Located in Mesa, Arizona near the Mesa Gateway airport

Our training area offers 3,500 square feet that can be quickly configured to accommodate different training needs. Players can work on fielding and make throws up to 90 feet. The turf training surface allows the player to focus on the fundamentals of fielding without the worries of a bad hop. Our rebounder enables a player to work on his fielding by himself.

Pitchers have the ability to throw bullpens to receiving targets so catchers are not always needed. More time on the mound means more confidence in games.

Our batting tunnels are extra wide and high. Players now have a better feel for the ball flight and how well they are hitting the ball.

We have an arm style Iron Mike Pitching Machine so players can get reps when they don’t have a live arm to throw to them.


Facility picture of baseball tees Facility picture of whole space
Facility lobby Hitting Station